Tuesday, May 23, 2006

199 & Counting...

It was a different looking Yankee team, but it was a result we have seen almost 200 times during Curt Schilling's HoF career. The Sox spanked the Yanks 9-5, and the score would have been a hell of a lot worse if Keith "Choke" had not played tee ball in the 9th.

"That's a distinctly different team," he said Monday night after pitching eight strong innings to beat New York 9-5 and earn his 199th career victory. "That's not a knock against any of the players they're running out there, but you're talking about All-Star caliber players they're replacing."

Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz each drove in three runs, and Alex Cora added three hits and good defense for the Red Sox, who led 9-1 with two outs in the ninth before the Yankees staged a rally. Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada hit back-to-back homers off Keith Foulke, then Robinson Cano and Bernie Williams added consecutive doubles. But Terrence Long (remember him from the 2003 ALDS?), whose contract was purchased from Triple-A on Sunday because of injuries to all three regular outfielders, flied out to center to end the game.

"This is a team that's been wracked with some real significant injuries," said Schilling (7-2), who allowed one run and five hits with no walks and six strikeouts. "I'm sure it's a different lineup than we're going to see next time we see them."

The Sox are now 10 games above .500 as we close in on June. As a side note, Manny returned after a pitiful series in Philly and David Wells is primed to return on Friday. Someone get the word out to the Dunkin Doughnuts on Boylston! I don't care if it takes two dozen jelly, as long as he can rescue us from DiNardo's demise.


Anonymous Danimal said...

Another cluth HR by Mr. May, Alex Rodriguez.
Tito should consider Cora as full time at SS. He turned some SICK plays last night w/ Loretta and his bunt hit was a thing of beauty.
I'm throwing it out there - but w/ Anaheim in a free-fall and probably looking to bring up some kids, The OC could be available as they (LAAofA) have a fantastic SS in the AAA level... Think OC wouldn't love to be back in Boston? I know Niki would love it.

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sox look good right now, middle relief however is still suspect. It hasn't been getting that much attention b/c beckett and schilling are pitching strong, but if they start to falter watch out. Wonder if its more worthwhile to look to shore up the bullpen. Also when is Coco coming back its like 2 months now!

Did Niki hook up with the OC?

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Danimal said...

I think the middle relief will be OK. Once we get a little further in the year we'll get guys like Delcarmen up full time (possibly even Hansen and Lester) to enliven the bullpen w/ some strong arms. If Foulke can stop melting down we can use him against lefties - his changeup is a great pitch to them - and use Timlin in the 8th and P-bon in the 9th to shut the door.

Seanz is a disaster, Riske is doing who knows what and Tavarez is a $6 million question mark. The best bet is to waive Seanz and Riske, plug Manny D., Hansen, and maybe Lester in the pen and roll from there.

Use the trading deadline to upgrade SS. Don't forget that w/ Kapler coming back the Sox will have a plethora of OF so we can see a guy like Willie Harris on the block or (and don't be shocked) Trot Nixon being shipped out. Hell, Theo wasn't afraid to say "buh-bye" to Nomar, don't think he won't ship out a 31 year old, oft injured right fielder who struggles against lefties AND who is in the last year of his contract if he can get some quality stuff in return.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Bartel said...

I think that danimal hit the nail on the head....if we can get anything for Nixon, I think we trade him. Why else do you trade away an Arroyo for a Pena???

Hell, I would trade Trot to get Arroyo back!

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Bartel said...

I think danimal hit it on the head...if we can get anything decent for Nixon, I think he is gone.

Hell, why would you give up pitching like Arroyo for Willy Mo unless...

you see a big future with Pena and think that you can get something for Trot??

Hell I would trade Trot if I could get Arroyo back!! LOL..he is having a great season so far

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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